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Village Roastery & Spice Co. is the local coffee and cacao roastery based in UK. We have partnered with the leading growers to bring premium beans to the art of providing exquisite roasted coffee online. In addition to a wide range of freshly roasted cacao and coffee, we also provide tea, spices, and a lot more!

Our products acknowledge and highlight the influence of the region, its climate, and the grower’s craftsmanship in every crafted product. We understand that behind every product, there is a farm with growers who share the same drive and dedication for their craft as we do. We make sure to treat our products with care and precision, from export to roasting to storage and delivery.

To us, customer satisfaction is crucial, and we make sure to provide them with exquisite service and the highest levels of excellence. We are not just a vendor, but a partner to our customers. For further queries, please get in touch with us!


Being a premier coffee/cacao roaster we embody a constant focus on quality. Quality that isn't easy to maintain, but requires experience, hard work, and persistence. Whether it’s handpicking, freshly roasting the beans, or delivering, we’re dedicated to maintaining quality every step of the way.


In the end, what matters the most is our relationship with the people. The strong relationships we have with the growers, importers, co-workers, and most importantly the customers make it all worth it. We never forget how fortunate we are to forget the support we need from you, and we love being able to share them with you.

On-time Delivery

We deliver fresh to your doorstep. We don't roast our beans until we get your order. The beans are ethically sourced directly from the farms and shipped to us. We make sure that each order is freshly roasted and delivered the same day. Customer satisfaction is crucial to us and we make sure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

Let’s Explore Us

Village Roastery & Spice Co. is all about quality. We provide a wide variety of freshly roasted coffee, cacao, tea, and ground spices. Explore our collection for more!

Coffee Collection

With hundreds of countries producing coffee, we zig-zag across the equator to provide you the coffee you can’t find locally. Explore our exciting coffee collection to match your roasting preferences and uncover the world’s best coffees.

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Cacao Collection

It won’t be wrong if we call ourselves the real cacao enthusiasts. After all, we have been roasting cacao for the longest time and deliver the best cocoa roasting online. Our products are completely organic, gluten-free, and sustainably crafted.

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Our Tea & Spice Collection

We provide a wide variety of tea and spices that add a depth of flavor that you won’t find in the local spices, taking any dish from just ordinary to extraordinary. Whether you are looking for chili powder, paprika, chili flakes, red pepper, or black pepper – we have got you covered.

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Our Shop

Whether you are looking to buy freshly roasted coffee, roasting cocoa beans, or online roasted tea leaves – you are at the right place. We have a wide range of products to choose from. Let’s shop with us!

Brewed Cacao

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Organic Cacao Nibs

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Organic Premium Cacao Beans

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Organic Hand-Peeled Premium Cacao Beans

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What Happens Here

Coffee Build Your Base

01Coffee as a Plant

The coffee plant produces a fruit, known as cherry, and the coffee beans are the seeds that are found inside these cherries. It takes around 3-5 years for a coffee plant to reach its fruit production level, and the maturation of cherry takes up to 9 months.


02Coffee Cultivation.

Coffee is native to Ethiopia, but it’s grown throughout the tropics i.e. East Africa, South America, Central America, and Southeast Asia. Each region we source our coffee from marks a unique taste profile based on various factors such as climate, soil content, and cultivation procedures, etc.


03Coffee Picking.

We hand-pick our coffee beans, which means our beans only come from the ripe cherries. This is the first stage of our quality selection, by the time – the coffee reaches us, it goes through further quality checks and phases to ensure the highest quality end-product.


Our Happy Customers

I just love your freshly roasted coffee, your extraordinary service, and how easy it is to navigate your website. I recently introduced my family to your coffee, and they are in love with it already. If you are finding the best coffee roasters in town, Village Roastery & Spice Co. is the place. They have the best coffee that I am addicted to.

– Sabrina

I was looking for a cacao roastery near me and discovered Village Roastery & Spice Co. and fell in love with their cacao. I even got a coffee machine so I can brew it anytime. I probably drink around 13-15 cups of cacao a week. It's like having hot chocolate without any guilt (btw I do add some artificial sweetener and a little skim milk in it). I have tried almost half of their cacao collection and they never disappointed. Best cacao ever!

– Selina Waldorf

I needed some spices to cook a meal for my son’s birthday dinner on very short notice. I felt defeated after realizing that it’s Saturday and the order wouldn’t before Monday. Village Roastery & Spice Co. went out of the way to make the urgent delivery possible. I cannot thank you more for the exceptional customer service that is very rare these days. Village Roastery & Spice Co. is undoubtedly the best-roasted spice store I have ever come across.

– Liza Sheikh

Village Roastery & Spice Co. has the best online roasted spice for sale. The flavor of their spices is truly extraordinary and so is the quality of their ingredients. Being their constant customer, I would wholeheartedly recommend their freshly grounded spices to everyone. Their customer service, professionalism, and on-time delivery are completely exceptional. I would highly recommend them.

– Geena

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