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Commercial Removals

Moving even a small startup company is a daunting task, let alone a multi-premises behemoth. It often takes months even a year for relocating your organisation which increases downtime and results in losses. It is for this reason that moving your business is feared.

From computers, furniture, stock, and heavy filing cabinet, everything needs to be packed, stored, transported, and unpacked safely. It is a huge responsibility with which Denix Moving and Storage Solutions aim to help you.

Our vast team of experts ensure your precious belongings are securely transported in one piece to your new place just the way you want.

Services for Commercial Removals

To reduce downtime and avoid disrupting your customers and staff, we make your commercial moving as smooth and swift as possible. You get a meticulously drawn out plan laid out before you that is executed in the decided time-frame so that your reputation remains untainted.

We provide individual solutions to all our clients, depending on the size and operation of the organisation. You get tailor-made services that are offered and run smoothly for various businesses across the country.

Pre-Moving Essentials

One of our experts will visit your premises for on-site inspection. It is a cost-free examination that can be conducted multiple times for your satisfaction and a thorough and detailed commercial removals itinerary. You will be presented with a coherent plan that will set out the priorities for you so that you can resume your business free of any disruption.

Moving Process

Depending on the load of your work, we schedule the relocation process on either weekends or weekdays. With a low workload, there is minimum disruption, and the moving process goes out smoothly.

The colour-coded labelling system makes removal easy and lands everything in the right place. We take care of all the dismantling and assembling of fixtures and fittings. Before leaving your previous building, we ensure that all has been carried out as planned.

Benefit from the safe and insured commercial removals by Denix Moving and Storage Solutions.

IT Removals

You get safe relocation of IT equipment with Denix Moving and Storage Solutions.

Whether you require server moves, full office and furniture moves, desktop PC relocation, or a complete Data Centre relocation, we can handle with our time and cost-efficient services.

Professional IT Removal Services

You get customised solutions for your IT removal requirements. You can depend on us to leverage our team of engineers, secure transportation services, purpose-built packaging, and fully insured package to deliver your IT equipment safely without fearing Data loss.

Our services include:

  • Data Centre Relocation
  • Data and Cable Management
  • Server Relocation
  • Workstation Configuration
  • Hardware Disposal

We have experience with working and managing IT relocation for many corporate and financial sectors. Therefore, you can rely on our professionalism to handle your equipment and data diligently.

Server Removal Services

Skilful Handling of Server Moves and Transportation

You get a streamlined and secure serve move and transportation service. Whether it is an entire Data Center or a single server, its management and handling are done with similar precision. We offer workable solutions that can be customised to meet your company’s needs.

Despite the size or complexity of your server, you are allotted a dedicated manager to ensure that the particulars of your business are well managed. You can thus expect an efficient and trouble-free IT equipment service with minimal downtime.

Specialised IT Team

We handle your relocation task with professionalism. Our expert team of commercial removals is trained and honed with years of experience to handle any critical issue. Your IT equipment and tools are transported within the safety standards that are required to protect your Data centre and servers.


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