About Kam Parkin

    Kameron Parkin lives in Southern California with his wife and two children. Through the process of publishing his memoir, “Of Substance”, Kameron broke into the field of writing to engage in his lifelong passion— story telling. Kameron continues to search for and develop stories that illustrate the human condition.

    His first book paved the way for Kameron Parkin to fulfill what he feels is his purpose, to facilitate the sharing of emotion. Both gritty and sweet, Kameron sees the worth in all feelings and experience.

    Kameron Parkin was born on May 2nd, 1995 in Nephi, Utah. The only child of Michael and Stacey Parkin, Kameron began a struggle with epilepsy at age 14. At age 17, after being given a year to live, he sought medical treatment in Seattle Washington. A successful operation enabled Kameron.

    Substance A Memoir

    A Memoir is a firsthand account of an ordinary person with an extraordinary Childhood. Unique yet relatable, Of Substance delves into the turbulent emotions familiar to people who have come of age by traveling on a broken road. Of Substance is an uncut and unashamedly honest experience of an adolescent surrounded by uncertain circumstances.

    Facing the prospect of death early on in life has instilled the air of an old soul in the author. The one-of-a-kind writing style straps you into the seat of the author. After the first page, the reader evolves from simply reading the story to experiencing the story.

    An uncommon and captivating coming of age tale, Of substance takes the reader through the author’s path to a brighter future filled.

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