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Substance Abuse & Disturbed Mental Health doesn’t need finances to burn – CBC House values your urge to improve and helps you through it.

Dual Diagnosis & Help

A collective help is now possible with CBC House without a penny to spend; we offer you a dual diagnosis and support – substance abuse and psychological disturbance. Witness progress towards a better life free from all the harms of drugs and learn to counter the stresses of tough life with a better approach and no pressure to your mental capacity with vetted counselors at CBC House.

Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Center

Substance abuse has long been associated with a significant disruption of society, compelling individuals into darkness and destroying their personal and professional CBC House runs a combing mission to eradicate the traces of this abuse.

Our Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Center is not just a safe haven for people who have fallen prey to abuse but also brings them professional assistance to embrace a better life without drugs. From medicinal drugs to effective consultancy, we bring you full-scale solutions without a penny to help the abusers grow out of their habit.

Rehabilitation Center for Psychological Problems

Mental peace is your first step to improving your psychic health. CBC House is a non-profit, offers you this and a whole lot more at absolutely “zero-cost.” With donations from our pool of generous donors and Emmanuel Group itself, we bring you the best nurses, counselors, and an environment designed solely to help you or a loved one on the road to recovery. Every inch designed with genuine compassion and a curriculum extracted from our expert consultancy experience ensures that none of our attendees has to relive their past. Our Rehabilitation Center for Psychological Problems runs on funds entrusted to use based on our services to help a tormented community get back to life.

Family Rehab & Consultancy

At CBC House, we understand the importance of compassion and care in creating a happy family. This is precisely what makes us the best place to get family rehabilitation and consultancy for all mental turmoil and torments. A team of caring personnel is available 24/7 to accompany you through every moment of recovery. Our belief, “a family that recovers together, stays (happily) together,” has helped us create an opportunity to help entire families rehabilitate at our non-profit facility and travel the road to recovery along with our expert psychologists and family counselors.

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