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The world distances itself from people who suffer from mental health concerns primarily due to a history of substance abuse. CBC House is an initiative by Emmanuel Group LLC. to entertain the community and individuals who have not found the means to get a shot at living everyday life.

CBC House encompasses rehabilitation and support for families of the people suffering from any mental condition based on a history of substance abuse.

Our services

Substance Abuse & Disturbed Mental Health doesn’t need finances to burn – CBC House values your urge to improve and helps you through it.

Dual Diagnosis & Help

A collective help is now possible with CBC House without a penny to spend; we offer you a dual diagnosis and support – substance abuse and psychological disturbance.

Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Center

Substance abuse has long been associated with a significant disruption of society, compelling individuals into darkness and destroying their personal and professional CBC House runs a combing mission to eradicate the traces of this abuse.

Rehabilitation Center for Psychological Problems

Mental peace is your first step to improving your psychic health. CBC House is a non-profit, offers you this and a whole lot more at absolutely “zero-cost.” With donations from our pool of generous donors and Emmanuel Group itself, we bring you the best nurses, counselors, and an environment designed solely to help you or a loved one on the road to recovery.

Family Rehab & Consultancy

At CBC House, we understand the importance of compassion and care in creating a happy family. This is precisely what makes us the best place to get family rehabilitation and consultancy for all mental turmoil and torments. A team of caring personnel is available 24/7 to accompany you through every moment of recovery.

Reach Us Today to Get A Slot Booked At CBC House – Get Help Now!

We understand things have been difficult, and substances are not easy to let go of, get help today, and have professional assistance in your journey towards a better life.



VIOLENCE is truly the modern word for SIN, SINNING AND SINFULNESS. The Preacher’s message against sin has become dull and is no longer heard.

This is because society has failed to associate violence with sin. Sin – the old spiritual word, is synonymous with Violence. And violence has so many other names, e.g., terrorism, religious wars, emotional disturbances, harm, pestilence, famine, disease, assault, hatred, etc.

Blogs & Updates

Learn how things can change for good and life is not that bad at all – CBC House Blogs & Updates bring you some motivational reads.

November 24, 2020

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November 23, 2020

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November 20, 2020

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