Introduction About the author

Cary Linnemann is the Author of two books she has published in 2020

“Functional Focused Fitness” and
“Revive Your Body in 6 Days”

Cary has spent the past 39 years practicing and studying the importance of physical fitness and nutrition for the human body.

Her goal is to influence others in a positive yet effective way to improve overall fitness and nutrition results. Her philosophy is in applying a proactive approach, positive results will arrive. Cary shares how learning to stay continuously focused , balanced and committed are crucial for successful results.

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Revive Your Body in 6 Days- Synopsis

Revive Your Body in 6 days is a simple yet effective guide for those who are ready to cleanse the body’s systems efficiently. By using all-natural nutrients, this cleanse, in less than a week, can help restore the body. With focus and some preparation, this fun cleanse may enhance your well-being. Learn how to strengthen your immune system naturally with specific foods and ingredients.

This book teaches you how to take a more “proactive” approach with your nutrition. This is not starvation fast, nor is it another fad diet. It is about nourishing and cleansing toxins and recharging the entire body with fresh juices, soups, and teas. It is about adding top quality and specific whole food ingredients that will only benefit the body. It is about bringing awareness and helping the body to be nourished with real, clean vital nutrients.

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Functional Focused Fitness- Synopsis

Functional Focused Fitness is for all those individuals who are interested in learning about an effective approach towards physical fitness and nutrition routines. The title represents the importance of a sincere commitment towards positive results with fitness to achieve lasting results. The author through this book shares how her lifelong journey with health and fitness continues at the age of 54. The author has always found that the benefits are worth the effort, and the time involved thriving and staying strong.

Her methods of functional fitness come from applied research and the intuition that has given her desired results for many years. She has learned how critical specific exercises are to support the daily activities in life. For example, by strengthening specific muscles and using proper lifting techniques, we can prevent back injuries. In her videos, she demonstrates how to perform specific exercises, showing proper form with slower tempos. Through this book the author aims to help those who would like to transform their lives through a focused fitness routine.

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This book is for general informational purposes only. I, Cary Linnemann, am not a medical professional, and nothing in this publication constitutes medical advice. Any exercise program, including the exercise routines outlined in this publication, may result in injury. To reduce the risk of injury, consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

The materials presented in this publication are in no way a substitute for medical counseling. You must not avoid or delay medical treatment because of anything contained in this publication. This book is not intended to be a substitute for the medical advice of a licensed physician. The reader should consult with their doctor in any matters relating to his/her health.

This book contains information that is intended for my personal benefit and my practice for fitness and nutrition. It is presented as-is. Always consult your physician for your individual needs. Any fitness and nutrition program contains inherent risks of physical injury or death. Seek medical advice from your physician before beginning any new exercise program.

This book is not intended as a substitute for a doctor’s advice. You should regularly consult a physician with matters relating to your health, particularly concerning any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention. The information in this book is meant to share and inspire but not replace specific training or rehabilitation for anyone. I advise all readers to take full responsibility for their safety and nutritional needs and know their limits. Before practicing the skills described in this book, be sure that your equipment is well maintained and do not take risks beyond your level of experience, aptitude, training, and comfort level. I, Cary Linnemann, claim no responsibility for any individual’s choices if they choose to apply any of the information in this book, including nutrition, fitness routines, and all other content this book contains.