At Bethesda House of Mercy, we ensure a totally safe and monitored environment for the ultimate protection of the already exploited youth.

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Homeless youth form a significant part of the distressed community in need of help from Emmanuel Group LLC. Bethesda House Of Mercy, Inc. is an opportunity to lead the undirected youth on the streets towards a productive life.



What We Offer?

Ending the suffering with love & care – Bethesda House of Mercy Inc. creates a life of opportunity for kids the society has lost to the streets.

Be A Part Donate

Join hands with Bethesda, donate generously in cash & kind to keep as many kids off the streets as possible.

Spread the Word

Do your part by educating others on how Bethesda works, making things different for others, and letting the networking grow more robust than ever.

Do the Work

Take an active part in getting these kids away from the streets’ turmoil and into safe-haven towards a better life. Volunteer!


Street Outreach

Bethesda House of Mercy runs a daily street outreach drive. Our teams take vans of food and blankets to the kids roaming streets and taking shelter in places like the underground metro station, abandoned tunnels, and elsewhere.


Youth Intake & Care Program

Not all but many of these displaced youth find us as an honest bunch of people who really care about them. When they reach us – At Bethesda Hose of Mercy, we run a youth intake and care program that provides food and shelter along with some primary medical care and support.


Long-Term Support

Moving ahead, Bethesda House of Mercy looks into the long-term care and support of the displaced kids who seek shelter at our facilities. Medical assistance, treatment, or any underlying issues with health and well-being, and a whole lot of aid come in the long-run.

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