Credit cards with a secondary ID authenticates users.

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What the patent claims

A method for improving the security of a credit card transaction based on the use of one or more secondary ID documents selected from the group of: driver’s licenses, passports, birth certificates, credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, airline tickets, or identification cards; or based on the credit card user’s fingerprint, iris or voice.

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Unique, patented method of secondary validation.

Compromised card data is rendered useless because the secondary security layer is unknown or unattainable to a potential thief.

Precise identity verification.

Transactions are protected with maximum security to significantly reduce identity and card fraud.

Easy & effortless authentication.

Authentication for consumers, merchants and financial institutions is simple and non-invasive to create peace of mind and confidence.

Stopping fraud before it occurs

PrivacyOne will flag stolen cards at the very moment attempts are made to purchase goods or service – essentially, stopping fraud.


Our patented security prevents fraud in many industries.


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Other Industries

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