6 Steps to Avoid Freight Damage Through Best Transportation Management Services

A Transportation management services company faces several issues while transferring goods to the destinations. One of the major issues is to maintain the quality of the goods while transporting through the trucks. It significantly impacts the shipping business. A single situation can hamper the growth of the Logistics and Supply Chain Management Services company. People are looking for the best goods transportation in Florida. For instance, they search for the query like “freight transportation services near me, quality transportation services near Southeastern or shipping logistics company near me.” However, building customer trust and faith in the company is important. A shipping company can only maintain such trustworthiness by maintaining the quality of the services.

Moreover, if you’re already having many problems, this may make things worse. But, most importantly, it can sabotage customer relationships, jeopardizing long-term profits and growth. However, smart decisions and proactive moves help you to rid of such significant issues of freight damage.

To protect your valuable shipments, Abney Logistics Services in Florida has compiled a list of best practices that all shippers should adhere to.

6 Tips to Avoid Freight Damage

  1. Right Packaging

Goods packaging play’s an important role in keeping goods safe while transporting to their destinations. However, transportation management services companies must identify the right packaging customized according to the specific goods. However, to avoid shipment damage, it’s a good idea to choose the right packaging. It’s usually the lowest cost in your supply chain, but it can make a big difference. As a result, the most effective packaging practices will lower total overhead costs.

  1. Right Utilization of Space

It is crucial to place the goods in the right dimensions and directions to avoid leaving extra space between them. The company’s transportation management services ensure that stable and uniform stacking should be in place, with weight distributed evenly across pallets.

  1. Use Truckload Instead of LTL

During transportation, LTL freights moves goods from point A to point B, which is handled and managed more often than full truckload freight. Abney Logistics Services in Florida assist in making the customer shipping experience as satisfying as possible. Therefore, it is the logistics and supply chain management company’s primary responsibility to provide better solutions for zero damages.

  1. Effective Labelling

Labeling the goods in the freight management system can perform a significant role in reducing the chances of damaging the goods. For instance, we have seen the fragile labels on the boxes that state it contains soft breakable material. Goods without labeling are impossible to determine their fragility or durability. The label should be in a place where it can visibly state the goods inside the box.

Secondly, without the permission of the carrier, multiple labels should not be used. Thirdly, the incorrect label on mislabeled packages should be removed or identified. Lastly, the correct label should be free of stains and other damage.

  1. Goods Handling Equipment’s

In a transportation management services company, it is important to use adequate equipment to load and unload goods. As a result, freight damage would be reduced to a great extent. Besides, check that all the transportation management services’ material-handling equipment (conveyors, loading/unloading systems, cranes, forklifts, strapping machines, pallet jacks, trucks, and so on) are functional.

  1. Improve Warehouse Conditions

An effective transportation management services are enhanced when it is supported by improved warehouse management. It is the basis where the rate of freight damage can be controlled and reduced. However, manpower and equipment can plan easily and improve warehouse space availability, prevent goods damages, and load/unload trucks faster using the right system in cross docks and warehouses with uncluttered clean aisles.

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Experts in the industry only use damage-free best practices. You won’t take the risk with your precious items and goods while transporting them from one place to another. Consider professionals like Abney logistics to have an excellent shipping experience.


5 Safety Guidelines for Shipping Companies While Driving in The Rain

Drivers’ skills are most important in shipping companies. Whether driving during rainy days or snowy days, it is important for the drivers to make sure they stay calm to the core. Whether it is a downpour or drizzling during the rainy season, driving could be dangerous for people. No matter in which part of the country you are living in, it is certain that you would require to drive in the rainy season at some point. However, bad weather is always associated with a high rate of accidents. It becomes challenging to control the vehicle while driving on wet roads.

Moreover, people always search for the shipping companies with the query “shipping logistics company near me, logistics services in Florid or freight transportation services near me.” They wanted to ensure that the shipping company must follow the rules and regulations while transporting the goods. Transportation management services company is always keeping customer satisfaction as the top priority by holding the goods safe and secure while moving their goods. So, if you have to drive a truck in bad weather, you must understand how your truck will react to wet roads and how you will handle the situation.

You can drive safely in rainy conditions if you understand how wet roads and reduced visibility affect the way your vehicle handles. The best local trucking service companies in Florida provide you some safety tips for driving in the rain that will keep you and your truck safe and sound.

5 Tips for Driving Truck During Rainy Days

  1. Double Check the Truck

A logistics and supply chain management services company like Abney Logistics always influence drivers to check their truck carefully before hitting the roads. It is important for drivers as it is vital for the logistics business. For instance, the checklist includes windshield wipers, headlights, tail lights, tires, treads, etc. It is also suggested to the drivers to make sure their truck’s tires are properly inflated.

  1. Considering Weather Forecast

Rainfall is unexpectedly unpredictable, especially during the monsoon season. Before you leave, check the weather forecast for your route so you can adjust your plans accordingly.

  1. Slowing Down is a Wise Move

While driving during rainy days, keeping the speed low makes you gain. It is dangerous to speed up on wet roads. Shipping companies’ drivers face hydroplaning situations mostly when driving too fast, so slowing down could save crucial lives and business for the shipping company.

  1. Keeping Up the Safe Distance

It is a smart move by keeping some distance between vehicles. If your truck needs to stop in an emergency, it will be safer to have such distance. Whereas, keeping a short distance between vehicles can increase the chances to hit the front vehicle on wet roads. However, it also allows enough time for your vehicle to react, slow down, and come to a complete stop. In addition to maintaining a safe distance, you should keep an eye out for brake lights ahead of you.

  1. Turn the Headlights On

According to the study, shipping companies face most of the accidents due to the lack of visibility of the trucks during rain. However, rain is mainly mixed with the mist that reduces the visibility on the road. As a result, headlights can improve truck drivers’ visibility during a heavy rainstorm and make it easier for other drivers to see them, potentially preventing collisions.



The drivers of the shipping companies need to take careful measures before leaving for the route. They can save many lives with their prompt and proactive decisions. There are shipping companies like Abney Logistics that make sure that not only the driver but the quality control department train the drivers to reduces the chances of unwanted accidents during bad weather.


How Important Is A Truck Driver in Transportation Management Services?

In the fast-moving world, all businesses require transportation management services that maintain faster delivery and security. The logistics services in Florida manage much more cargo than trains, planes, or ships. As a result, it is the most important service industry that brings a stable economy and competitive efficiency to the country. It leads to the country’s rapid economic development. It plays an important role in bringing remote regions’ development by opening them up to trade and investment and integrating them into the mainstream economy.

Moreover, the truck industry supports diverse sectors of the economy. For instance, the health sector, banking sector, manufacturing sector, etc. that requires skilled and competent logistics and supply chain management services. Most of the time, these sectors search by the query, shipping logistics company near me, logistics services in Florida, freight transportation services near me, or best trucking service company. It is crucial to have competent truck drivers in the logistic company to stand out among the crowd.

Importance of Truck Driver in Transportation Management Services.

Trucks transport more than 75% of all freight in the United States. Many of us are unaware of how much truck drivers influence our daily lives. Truck drivers almost carry every purchasable item in the country, whether it is food, gas, raw material, or finished goods. These items are essentials for humans and animals to use in our daily life. If truck drivers cannot transport these items due to a strike or natural disaster, millions of people and hundreds of businesses will suffer.

Challenges in Retaining Competent Drivers

The truck driver plays a vital role in supporting the transportation management services company and the economy. However, the shortage of skilled truck drivers in the industry becomes challenging for the company to carry out its services. Even the challenges increase when the matter of retaining those qualified drivers in the company arises. It is crucial to stay in front of the industry by retaining competent truck drivers in the company. Abney Logistics hired and retained competent truck drivers that are committed to delivering the goods at the right place, right time, and in the right condition.

Influence on the Economy

Transportation management services impact strongly on the economy of the country. Almost every business either sells or uses physical products. It isn’t easy to measure the effectiveness of truck drivers on the economy. But the backbone of the logistic company is its truck drivers. If the truck drivers are not delivering the goods on time, then the company would suffer and the client’s business. Thus, the whole system would go down if the truck drivers lack behind in the logistics and supply chain management services.

Requirements to Become an Office Truck Driver.

A truck driver in the transportation management service company holds the great responsibility to move the goods from one location to another. Besides, they are responsible for maintaining the truck conditions, driving time logs, etc. Apart from that, they have to spend much of their time on the roads. It is crucial to hire a skilled truck driver that fulfills certain requirements, for instance;

  • Holds commercial driver’s license
  • Qualified
  • Legal Age
  • Clean driving record/history
  • Physical Fit
  • Pass Drug and alcohol tests


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Finally, a truck driver’s job in transportation management services is difficult due to unpredictable schedules, long periods of time away from family, and job insecurity. All of these factors contribute to a driver shortage, which directly impacts the logistics industry. If you want to make a significant contribution to the advancement of the economy, Abney Logistics Company in Southeastern Florida is here to assist you.

The Life Without the Logistics and Supply Chain Management Services

The trucking service in our economy possesses significant importance in our day-to-day life. Every day, trucking services support diverse industry sectors, including the supply of healthcare products, food products, and more. Thousands of people and corporations are searching for trucking companies with a search query like shipping logistics company near me or freight transportation, to support their daily operations and run their business smoothly. However, you can find thousands of trucking companies that are successful and well-ranked operating in the USA. However, among all of them, Abney logistics and transportation management services in southeastern Florida are among the best logistics and transportation companies that ensure affordable services and keep your goods secure.

The trucking industry is making efforts to make people’s lives easier by transporting their goods anywhere within a short time. However, it has been seen that the security of the goods transported is at risk. But this risk is reduced with the implementation of the latest technologies.

Moreover, the trucking industry is handling more orders than trains, ships, or even planes. In addition, without truck goods are transported from ports to their destinations becomes more challenging. Simply look around you; everything you see has most likely passed through a truck, either as raw material or as a finished product. As a result of the best truck driver services, trucks’ inbound and outbound logistics services can carry out your daily activities.

The Importance of Logistics and Supply Chain Management Services

Logistics and supply chain management services are important businesses. It is not only needed to deliver the packages but also it is crucial to support our living standards. We consumed a huge amount of essentials on a daily basis. The trucking industry transports about 65% of this freight. Consider how quickly our economy and quality of life would deteriorate if the trucking industry went out of business. Apart from that, it impacts our daily lives, and as a result, our economy would suffer greatly.

Assume that inbound and outbound logistics services stopped, it impacts on several industries. Let’s discuss life without trucking services.

Food Industry

Food supply is the critical sector that needs timely deliveries via Logistics and supply chain management services. Food shortages could start within three days if trucks stopped delivering food. Some food products, such as perishable goods, require prompt delivery to their destination, so only trucks are suitable for them.

Health Care Industry

It is also the most critical sector among all the industries. It requires regular deliveries of essential supplies like medication and syringes.  If the truck deliveries are stopped for a day, you can imagine how much it can be fatal for a patient lacking medicines. In addition, medications are utilized within a few weeks in the health sector, requiring prompt deliveries.

Manufacturing Supply Industry

This industry depends on logistics and supply chain management services to support the economy of the country. For instance, it requires deliveries of fabric, plastics, wood, and automotive parts.

Banking Industry

If the trucking industry went out of business, cash transactions across the country would be hampered. Trucking’s main task is to deliver cash to ATMs and banks, and entire businesses rely on cash resources, which could be depleted without trucking services.

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The above industries show that logistics and supply chain management services are important to support our everyday lives. Our lives would be complicated without the logistics and supply chain management services. As a result, you would find more trucking services that provide logistics and supply chain services. Consider choosing the best trucking services like Abney Logistics that gives you all the solutions under one brand name.