To exceed our customer’s expectations through reliable logistic services allowing their businesses to flourish and maintain sustainability. By being an extension to our clients’ team through supporting their operations, we’ll foster a trusting relationship that goes above and beyond with our logistics and supply chain management services.


We aim to expand our services throughout the entire south and eastern regions.
Our company was launched by LB Abney and originated in Pensacola, FL, in 2018. Since its origination, we have successfully assisted customers by efficiently transporting goods throughout their supply chains.
We cater to supply industries, both large and small, who rely on the distribution and transportation of goods. Our value-added services are based on personalized solutions that completely satisfy customers’ demands and meet the limitations associated with the type of goods transported.
With an extensive background in supply chain management, our CEO insightfully branched out and launched Abney Logistics. His 16+ years of efficiency with the operations of several supply chain companies was undoubtedly remarkable. After much deliberation, he made the conscious decision to start his own logistics company in an industry he’s grown to know and loved. With the same inspiration and dedication, Abney Logistics strives to deliver quality service and satisfy clients’ needs to a great extent.


Our company is a customer-driven logistics and transportation company that aims to provide exceptional service to our clients.
Safety: We put safety first and consistently seek to improve the safety of our operations.
Service: We provide consistent and efficient customer service, building rapport with our partners, stakeholders, investors, and community.
Innovative: We aim to grow and change as the industry grows and changes.
Diverse: We celebrate individuality embracing differences amongst our employees, partners, and communities, understanding there is always room to grow and learn. We highlight our employees’ talents and create opportunities for advancements in our supply chain and logistics operations.


Our logistics and supply chain services are guaranteed with the reliable transport of damage-free deliveries by a family-oriented company that values the relationship with its customers and the community.


•Experienced Leadership
Freight shipping comes in various forms; apart from its other types, ground freight is one that comes with many positive aspects. Abney’s Logistics offers you the following benefits through its service of ground freight that would facilitate transportation of your products to the Southeastern region of Florida.
Safety- We value that for a business owner or an individual having an LTL or FTL shipment, it is crucial that after their product has been traveling thousands of miles, it reached safely to its destination without being damaged. We make sure that our precautionary measures increase your shipment safety and help you achieve your goal to deliver quality products.
On-Schedule Delivery – Time management is one of the significant factors that helps a company’s capacity to grow. We ensure you get your shipment delivered on time to have smooth business operations. Abney Logistics gives prime importance to your time and ensures that your shipment schedule does not get disturbed.
Tracking Cargo – Knowing your cargo location and having its time-to-time information is crucial in the transportation business, and we do understand it’s importance. We offer you the facility to track your shipment any time from any place and be aware of your shipment status or any delays that would help you manage your time and clients.
Wide Range Network – Keeping in view of the possibilities of delays in shipment either due to bad weather conditions or poor road conditions, we have built a wide range of carrier network that would make sure that your shipment is delivered on time and update you beforehand if there are any delays in the shipment and delivery schedule.